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Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Morgan loves the toys. She collects them around her bed and then goes to sleep. Posted by Hello

Nap time.

Nap time for Morgan and Bullet. After racing around in the yard the kids decide to relax. Posted by Hello

Break time

Taking a break. Posted by Hello

Bullet and Morgan

Bullet and Morgan playing with the teletubby toy. Posted by Hello

Playing Tag

Morgan has been having a ball playing with Glow and Bullet. They tease one another and get the game started and then they race all around the yard like they are playing tag. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

More of Bullet and Glow

Glow and Bullet really play well together. They nibble each others necks and then one will roll on their back while the other pins them by play biting and holding the neck. Posted by Hello

Bullet and Glow playing

Glow and Bullet playing. This may look bad, but they really don't hurt each other. They play fight and then run around the yard. Posted by Hello

Morgan and Bullet

This is Bullet and Morgan playing in the yard. Her flat feet don't slow her down and she loves to play. Posted by Hello


This is Morgan. She was born Dec 04 and is being put up for adoption because she has flat feet. She is a very sweet pup and not nearly as much trouble as they say greyhound puppys are. Posted by Hello