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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Belly rub

Tommy gets a belly rub while he is cockroaching. He loves it so much he totally relaxes and falls over. Posted by Picasa

Bullet and Glow racing

Glow and Bullet love racing in the back yard. Bullet likes to dodge around the tree, but Glow decides to cut him off. They get plenty of exercise doing this. When they are through, they are both panting heavily. Posted by Picasa

In the family room

Here we all are in the family room. Stephanie gets to sit on my lap and get ear rubs while the others take naps on their dog beds. We installed the lattice on the doors to keep the hounds from blasting through them. The screen door has been knocked off the track several times. Once Stephanie hit the glass door because she didn't see the glass. Posted by Picasa

Bullet with eyes open sleeping

Bullet likes to sleep with his eyes partly open so he can jump up any time you move. It is funny to watch his eyes roll around while he is "sleeping". Posted by Picasa

Tommy poses

Tommy gives me a nice pose in the family room. Posted by Picasa

Nap time again

Nap time for the hounds again. They sure spend a lot of time sleeping. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Tommy and his newspaper

Tommy is searching the paper for doggy coupons. Posted by Picasa

The Sappingtons

This is the Sappington family with Glow and Tommy.John and Dallas on the left with Glow and Carla with Tommy on the right. They are great people and we really enjoyed their visit. Posted by Picasa

John Sappington

Tommy is re-united with his trainer, John Sappington. John was Tommy and Glow's trainer at Sunrunner Kennel. John and Tommy were both very happy to see each other. Glow laid near John to get some neck rubs after Tommy got his time. That is Dallas, John's daughter , next to him. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Tommy and his collar

Tommy looks sharp with his new collar. Ears up as usual. Posted by Picasa

Relaxing in the family room

Glow was relaxing with the boys while we watched TV. Stephanie is in the living room with her baby. Posted by Picasa

Bullet and Tommy

Bullet and Tommy napped like this for about an hour. All of the hounds get along great. Posted by Picasa

Look ma no teeth! would think Tommy was a champion boxer instead of a champion racer. The vet decided that his lower two front teeth had to go. Not uncommon in greyhounds unfortunately. Stephanie has lost a couple of molars. Glow and Bullet are OK so far. Posted by Picasa

No stitches!

Tommy is showing off his operation. "Look ma, no stitches!". Glow and Bullet aren't impressed. Posted by Picasa

Tommy's new leash and collar

Tommy finally got his new collar and leash, so here they all are going on their walk. Stephanie has to carry "baby" of course. Posted by Picasa

Morning tanning

All the hounds find a nice sunny spot to get their morning rays. Posted by Picasa

Tommy gets modest

Tommy manages modesty while lying on his back using the squeeker toy. Posted by Picasa

Tommy and the girls

Glow, Tommy and Stephanie catch some early morning sun. Tommy's ears standup a lot. He looks like a jack rabbit. Sometimes it is just his right ear. Posted by Picasa

Tommy and Glow

Tommy and Glow are relaxing in the evening on their dog beds on our back patio. They sure like to nap a lot. Posted by Picasa

Tommy relaxing

Tommy likes to "cockroach" a lot. In his crate or not, he likes to stretch out. Posted by Picasa