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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Book Ends

This is one of those rare shots where Glow and Bullet decide to play at the same time and get in the play position opposite each other. Posted by Picasa

Glow and Bullet at play

Glow and Bullet love to chase each other around the yard. Either one will start the play and then off they go. Posted by Picasa

Tommy makes a deposit

Tommy has a unique style while doing business. He has one front leg back a little to help balance. Cleanup in the fall is a tricky business. Looking through the fallen leaves for dog droppings is like playing the game "Where's Waldo". After the snow falls it is easier to find and it is nice and frozen. Posted by Picasa

Glow reacts

Glow reacts to her own whines on the doggy-cam recording. I have a small camera just below the TV that records on the DVD recorder when we go away. We were curious to see how the dogs behave while we are gone. They all are very good and they all sleep most of the time. Posted by Picasa

Tommy cuddles up

Tommy cuddles up for a nap in the family room. He looks so peaceful and sweet with his front legs crossed. Posted by Picasa

Stephanie stretches out

Stephanie spent most of Ruby's visit sleeping in the kennel. Here she is all stretched out on her belly. Posted by Picasa

Sierra gets a cuddle

Dorothy gives Sierra a cuddle. He has been through a lot with his cancer, but he seemed quite strong during his visit Posted by Picasa

The Cobblepots

Tommy and Glow decide to pose for me, so here they are brother and sister. Posted by Picasa


This is a good front shot of Ruby. She is a beautiful puppy and very well behaved. Posted by Picasa

Fitting In

Ruby squeezes in between Glow and Sierra. She gets along great with all of the big dogs. She got a little intimidated by all of them trying to sniff her at once though. Posted by Picasa


No...this is Ruby. She is 5 months old and has a deformed shoulderblade. She is as sweet as can be and loves toys like Stephanie does. She came for a visit after Thanksgiving with Dorothy and Fred. She really looks like a young Stephanie. She acts like a puppy and her coat is very soft. Posted by Picasa

Stephanie looks for insurgents

Stephanie looks out into the yard for insurgent squirrels. She will race out with baby in her mouth and will shake baby and try to bark while the other dogs race around chasing the squirrel through the trees. Posted by Picasa

The Greeters

This is the sight I see when coming or going. The pups come to the door to the garage and watch as I leave or they are there to welcome me when I come home. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Lap dog

Stephanie gets special treatment and gets to sit on my lap. Posted by Picasa

Bullet and his shadow

Bullet makes a nice pose with his shadow. The morning sun is low and his shadow get extra long legs and a very deep chest. Glow just likes to nap in the warm sun. Posted by Picasa

Tommy and leaves

Tommy makes a nice comfortable nest in a pile of leaves. Posted by Picasa

An insurgent is spotted.

Stephanie and Bullet spot another squirrel insurgent at the base of the cherry tree. Posted by Picasa

Who says that greyhounds can't sit?

Stephanie is the only one in the family to sit like this. Every now and then she will do it. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Glow on guard

Glow looks outside to see if any squirrels are in the yard. All of the pups get very excited if there is a squirrel to chase. The squirrels have to get up very early if they want to raid the bird feeder in our yard. Posted by Picasa

Glow relaxes

Glow relaxes in the fourth bed we added to our bed room. Now all of the pups have a place to sleep in our bed room at night. Posted by Picasa

Nap time

Stephanie and Bullet relax on the dog beds in our bed room. We have three beds like this and a fourth in the corner. Posted by Picasa

Standing watch

Bullet and Glow watch to see if any squirrels are in the yard. Posted by Picasa

Squirrel insurgents

Bullet and Glow monitor the back yard constantly for any squirrel insurgents. They dash outside when we open the door and try to catch them. They never have a chance because the squirrels are very quick. Posted by Picasa

Glow of the fire

Glow lies in front of the fireplace on a cool autumn day. Posted by Picasa

Crate mates III

Now Bullet and Tommy share the crate. Glow is the only one that hasn't gone into the crate. The others go there completely on their own. Posted by Picasa