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Lnl So Stephanie (Rainbow Bridge)
Divine Bliss (Rainbow Bridge)
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Divine Bull "Bullet" (Rainbow Bridge)
RBI Cantu (Rainbow Bridge)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rester vs Racer

Tommy has left his racing career way behind him.
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Art imitates Life

Bullet and Bliss check out the yard for insurgents (squirrels).
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tommy fixes his bed

Tommy likes to make his bed a special way and will not stop until it is just right.

Tommy discovers the sofa

After five years of staying off the furniture, Tommy decided it was time to give it a try.
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Glow has her turn at the mulch pile

Glow seems to take this mulch pile seriously. She acts like she has a plan as to how she wants it to look.

Bullet has Mulch Pile Madness

The hounds love the mulch pile and they are great little farmers keeping it turned over.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Tommy and Glow

Tommy and Glow catch some sun on the patio. They are starting to show signs of aging. They both seem to have stiff joints. Glow seems worse than Tommy, so we are giving her Tramadol to help relieve the pain.
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Another use for the DIY Pill Gun

Glow needs to take Tramadol for joint pain and I discivered i can use the pill gun as a cheeze cutter. I push the pill gun into the cheeze and cut out a plug. I then push the pills into the hole. Glow gobbles it up fast. I push the cheeze plug out with the plunger to clean it.
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Stephanie's tail wound

This is how the wound looked on 7-26-2010.
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Tommy the Jack Rabbit

Tommy looks so funny from behind with his ears sticking straight up. He looks like a giant rabbit.
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DIY Pill Gun

Stephanie needs to take a bunch of pills every day for her kidney problem. She isn't very good at taking pills either. She already has to take a liquid medice and I noticed that the barrel is about the size of the capsules she needs to take. So I cut of the end of it and discovered that the pills fit perfectly inside. I load it up with two at a time and the job goes fast.
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