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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tommy the Doorman

Tommy is the only one out of the pack that has learned how to open the door. He figured it out all by himself.

Washing Muddy Feet

I have managed to train all of the hounds, except Stephanie, to walk through the kiddy pool to wash their feet. Stephanie is very stubborn and has to be dragged into it each time. Bliss thinks its fun and jumps right in most times without even telling her to do it.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Mrs. Brown in the movie plus Greys in other movies

This is a still from the movie "Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter". It is a film by the 60's band "Herman's Hermits". It is quite interesting and, Mrs. Brown (The Greyhound), has a very prominent part in the movie. The movie is hard to find, but it is worth while for any greyhound lover. The list below is one I have made with all of the greyhound movie's that I know about.

The Outcast 1934
Wild Boy 1934
Dark Hazard 1934
(Excellent movie with Edward G. Robinson. He is a gambler that falls for "Dark Hazard")
Johnny Eager 1942
(Johnny starts up a dog track and has a retired dog as a pet. The greyhound is in several scenes)
The Gay Dog 1954
Jumping For Joy 1956
The Runaway 1956
(A boy steals a greyhound pup and runs away with it. A priest helps him train it and race it.)
Good Will Hunting 1967 (Very short scene)
Mrs. Brown You’ve Got A Lovely Daughter 1968
(Mrs. Brown is a winning greyhound and the band takes her to London for the big race.)
Steptoe & Son / Steptoe & Son Ride Again (DVD) 1973
(Harold gets drunk and buys a greyhound thinking it will win for him at the track. It turns out that the hound needs glasses to correct its vision so they get contact lenses for it.)
Race For Survival 1978
(Many scenes with the greyhound "Smokey". He escapes from a Cheetah and is friends with a lion)
Gus Brown and Midnight Brewster 1985
Cheetah 1989

(Short scene of the Cheetah racing Greyhounds at the end of the movie)
Gone to the Dogs 1991
The Simpsons "Two Dozen and One Greyhounds" Season 6 Episode 20 1995
Good Guys Bad Guys, Australian TV, Series 1, Episode 03 "Gone To The Dogs" 1997

(The dog's owner gets in trouble with some gangsters by taking their money to keep her dog out of the race, but she wants to race it anyway. Elvis has to figure a way to win and pay their money back.)
The Castle 1999
(Australian film about a guy fighting City Hall to protect his home from airport expansion. He has greyhounds at home.)
Evelyn 2002
(Very short scene of dog race. Excellent Movie)
Good Boy 2003
(The Italian Greyhound is one of the main characters with talking dogs. There is a visit from extraterrestrial dogs to check on earth dogs progress to run the planet.)
Man About Dog 2004
(Three Irish guys get a greyhound from a lady after helping her fix a dog race. They try to race it but it won't chase the artificial lure. They discover after they sell it to some Travelers, that it is a good coursing hound so they steal it back. Very funny movie)
The Honeymooners 2005
(Ralph and Norton buy a greyhound to win money to buy a house for their wives. The outcome of the race is exactly the same as the Steptoe and Son movie.)
The Mighty Celt 2005
( A very sad movie about a greyhound kennel owner and a boy that works for him.)
Kingdom of Heaven 2005 (Very short scene)
Charlie Wilson’s War 2007 (Very short scene)

I have seen some of these movies and some I am waiting to see. Some are rare and hard to find on TV or on DVD.
Netflix is a good source and so is Tuner Classic Movies.
Some of the British and Australian films will require a DVD player that will play PAL format movies and display them on your NTSC TV.
This is a link to a site with even more movies and other sources with greyhounds.

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And #2 wins

The final shot of the dog race in "Good Will Hunting" shows a black #2 winning, but the race started with a fawn #2.
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Greyhounds in "Good Will Hunting"

This is a still from the movie "Good Will Hunting". A greyhound race appears at 1 hr and 1 min into the movie. Some interesting things about this are: The first shot shows a fawn colored hound in the #2 blanket, but the second and third shots show a black hound wearing #2. The scene opens with the starting bell ringing, but the hounds are just making the final turn. They have already made a complete circuit of the track.
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Our Pretty Girl Glow

Glow poses for me on one of the nice clean beds.
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Clean Hounds and Clean Beds

We washed all of the dog beds after we got home. Bullet made himself real comfortable.
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The Gang relaxes after the wash

The gang takes some time to finish drying off and to relax after the dog wash. They all were ready for a nap.
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Stephanie is the last

Stephanie is the last one to get her shampoo. The lady in green is the mom to Lucy, who was Monty's sister. Everyone was very nice and we got five sweet smelling hounds out of it.
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Glow and Bullet were up next

Glow and Bullet got their turn next. Neither one of them like all of this special attention, but they stood still and let everyone do what they had to do.
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Bliss gets her turn

Bliss gets her turn in the wash. Tommy and Bliss went first. She was very good and let everyone do their job.
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Greyhound Alliance Dog Wash

Tommy was one of the first of our hounds to get his spring cleaning at the Greyhound Alliance Dog Wash. He did a good job and let the ladies scrub him down.
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