Glow In The Bark (Rainbow Bridge)
Lnl So Stephanie (Rainbow Bridge)
Divine Bliss (Rainbow Bridge)
Tommy Romano (Rainbow Bridge)
Monty(Rainbow Bridge)
Divine Bull "Bullet" (Rainbow Bridge)
RBI Cantu (Rainbow Bridge)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Remembering Glow

Yesterday was two weeks since she left us. We are still trying to adjust to life without her. The other hounds are rooing more often. They seem to have adjusted. It's still hard to talk about her without getting choked up or crying. I put some collages together to try and capture her essence. I think this one does it best.
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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tommy takes a drink

We have had a lot of rain lately. I keep the pool ready to wash dirty feet. They all seem to think it is a big water dish. They all rooed Saturday morning for the first time since Glow died. Tommy started it as usual. It was good to hear it even if one voice was missing.
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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Glow's tags

We have had this bronze of greyhounds before we got the five of them. I thought this would be a good place to put Glow's tags and the tags of the other hounds as they pass on. Her collar and leash is sitting on the shelf near the other leashes. They will just stay there for a while. I can't throw them away. Our feelings are still quite raw. I am barely able to type this as I cry and the tears fill my eyes.
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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Glow comes home

Yesterday afternoon 6/7/2011 we brought Glow's remains home. We both miss her so much. I have spent a lot of time looking at her pictures and videos. I am so glad I have those. She was our pack alpha. The other hounds seem to notice she is missing. They usually roo at least once a day, but we haven't heard them do it at all since she passed. She would be the one to get some play going in the yard. We haven't seen any of that yet.
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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Glow has gone to the Rainbow Bridge this evening

Our sweet girl Glow has passed on this evening at about 6:45 pm. She had been out playing in her mulch pile like she loves to do. Bullet and Bliss had been outside playing with her. I let them in and looked to see where Glow was. I looked out and saw her laying in the grass near the mulch pile. I called her name but she didn't move. I went out to check on her and she wasn't moving and didn't appear to be breathing. She must have had a heart attack after playing in the mulch. She appeared to have just laid down on her side as if to go to sleep. I carried her inside and we checked her to see if she might have some life in her, but sadly she was gone. She was such a sweet girl and had been acting like a puppy all the way to the end. We went for a walk this morning with all of the hounds and everything was fine. She had a good meal at suppertime and I sat on the floor with her and was petting her. She loved having her neck scratched and lifted her head up as I did it. I gave her a little scratch on her thigh and she stiffened her leg as she always does when she enjoys it. We will miss her so much. She was always the one to put her feet on the door sill to let us know she was ready to come inside. We feel it was a blessing that she went so peacefully. We always feared that it might be a situation where we would have to make that horrible decision. She saved us from that. We love you Glow and will be with you again someday.