Glow In The Bark (Rainbow Bridge)
Lnl So Stephanie (Rainbow Bridge)
Divine Bliss (Rainbow Bridge)
Tommy Romano (Rainbow Bridge)
Monty(Rainbow Bridge)
Divine Bull "Bullet" (Rainbow Bridge)
RBI Cantu (Rainbow Bridge)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Bullet has been very healthy like his sister. He has plenty of energy and is very playful. I am sure he misses Glow, because they have been buddies ever since he came into the pack. He will run and chase with Bliss, but it is not the same as it was with Glow. My grass is growing again because he doesn't tear it up so much.
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Bliss is the playful one. She has plenty of energy and has been doing very well. She will chase her brother around in the yard and loves to dig in the mulch pile and spin around like a crazy dog.
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Stephanie is still hanging in there in spite of all of her medical problems. She has a few of these fatty tumors like the one you see on her belly. The vet says they are harmless, so we don't want to put her through any kind of surgery to remove them. She has gained weight and always wants to finish up what the other hounds leave behind. She still walks very well. She wears her boot on her bad leg so it helps her a lot. Stephanie recently had a urinary infection and had to take antibiotics. It has cleared up and she is doing much better.
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We have been watching Tommy carefully now since Glow left us. Little by little he seems to be more frail. He gets a low dose aspirin every day. He goes on short walks and still gets excited when he knows we are going out. He has less of an appetite and has lost some weight. We give him anything he will eat.
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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Tommy and a pile of beds

Tommy likes to dig and make a nice big cushey pile of beds to lay on.
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