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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Tommy is next to get his nails trimmed

His nails have gotten really long. It seems like Glow and Tommy's nails grow the fastest out of the bunch. Bullet and Bliss' nails are much shorter and not as thick. Posted by Picasa

Glow got her nails trimmed

Glow and Stephanie got their teeth cleaned and their nails cut. They both got "show" cuts and they are shorter than they have ever been. Stepanie took it a lot better than Glow. Glow has been walking around with some sore toes, but she seems to be getting better now. I hope we can keep up with her nails now. They were soooo long before. Posted by Picasa

Bullet is showing some gray

Bullet and Bliss turned 5 years old in January. They both are starting to show some gray and white around their eyes. When we got him 2 years ago, he was nice and dark brown all around his eyes. Posted by Picasa

Spring is almost here

We had a real warm weekend so the dogs got to lay out in the sun. The ice and snow is melting so I also had to do something about the mud. I roped off most of the yard except their potty area. I then filled it up with some hay. They really didn't know what to make of it at first, but now they are used to it. It sure saves on washing dog feet although cleanup is like an Easter Egg hunt. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Glow in recovery

Glow doesn't like going to the Vet. She shook like crazy and they had to give her Valium to calm her down. Between that and the IV to put her out for the dental cleaning and the nail clipping, she is exhausted and very disoriented. Her nails are real short now. Neither her or Stephanie lost any teeth on this visit. The other pups get their work done next week. Posted by Picasa

Stephanie recovers from her Vet visit

Stephanie and Glow went to the Vet on 3/6/07 to get their teeth cleaned, nails cut and Stephanie got her Blasto checkup. She's looking a little disoriented here and tired from her ordeal. Posted by Picasa

The other view of Stephanie's progress

The top x-ray is from 8/4/06 and the bottom one is from 3/6/07. Posted by Picasa

Stephanie's Blastomycosis is gone

The top x-ray is her first x-ray and you can see the infection all through her chest. The bottom x-ray shows that it is all finally cleared up. She is doing great and we are very happy it worked out well for her. Posted by Picasa