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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Glow's Angel

This is a little greyhound angel we got at the last greyhound gathering. It reminds of us of our Glow.
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Tommy started his medicine

Tommy started his Anipryl treatment. He stills acts confused and we have had to give him diazepam in the morning and the evening to settle him down. He will wander around and keep standing while his hind legs shake. Then he starts panting. He has lost a lot of weight. When we got him in Aug 2005, he weighed 75 lbs. Last year at this time he weighed 70 lbs. Now he weighs 63 lbs which is less than any of the other hounds. He looks very thin and you can see he has lost muscle mass. He also seems to get cold easier, so we put his coat on in the house. On Friday he started shaking like he had chills and settled down with his coat and some blankets on him. He still wants to go for short walks. He has slowed down a lot, but he loves it. We have to entice him with things like cheese to get him to start eating. Once he starts, he eats other things. We give him anything he will eat. He still recognizes us and understand commands. We can still get him to roo with "Who are you?". When I am getting dressed to take them for a walk, he will come a snuggle with me like he and Glow always have done. Things like that tell me we still have our old Tommy. I don't know how we will be able to deal with it when he stops doing these simple things. He is such a sweet boy. It hurts to see him slip away little by little.
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tommy is showing signs of confusion

Tommy has started showing signs of confusion. He will want to go outside, but then stands there like he doesn't know what he wanted to do. He got me up a few times last night wanting to go outside, but then didn't have to do anything. I finally gave him some diazepam and he slept until morning. He has some signs of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction. There is a drug, Anipryl, that is used to treat this. I think this will be our next step with him.
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