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Monday, May 25, 2009

Using the Predator Call

If you have a greyhound in the house, you may want to turn the sound down low. This is a video of me testing the recall of the hounds with the predator call. If your dog responds to this, then you know the call may work for you to help recall an escaped hound.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another Rooing to CSI video

This is what the hounds do everytime they hear the CSI theme song. Watch Glow, she doesn't even lift her head up.

Why my yard has less grass

This video explains why I don't have grass on either end of the yard now. Everytime they turn around the trees, more grass gets torn out. This was 2005. Now I have straw on either end to control the mud.
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Puppy training dog style

Glow is our Alpha hound. She is teaching Morgan her place in the pack. You can see that Glow is firm with Morgan, but does not hurt her. Morgan's neck was wet with slobber.
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Glow and Morgan Tug O War

This is Puppy vs Adult Hound in a Tug O War.
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Hound play

This is Glow and Bullet in 2005 playing together. We were also fostering a puppy we named Morgan.
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RC Truck vs Greyhound

This is one of my oldie goldie videos of Glow and Stephanie chasing my RC truck with a rabbit on top. I discovered that they didn't really care about the rabbit at all, just the truck.
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Monday, May 11, 2009

Stephanie with a "baby"

Stephanie is the only hound that likes to carry a "baby" all the time. Any of the stuff toys are called "baby". Sometimes we can get her to fetch one of the "babies" when it is left in the yard by saying "go get baby" or "where's baby". Bliss learned the trick and she does it more often than Stephanie will now. Bliss makes a game out of it. She races to it and carries it to the far corner of the yard and then races back to the house.
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Tommy in his usual roach position

Tommy is the only hound to consistently roach like this. It is so funny. He even maintains it when you go rub his belly. Rubbing his belly actually starts to put him to sleep and his eyes close.
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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Stephanie strikes a strange pose

I walked by the living room and saw this. It hardly looks comfortable.
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Glow naps in the straw

I had to put straw down on either end of the yard due to the mud, but we had a few dry days and it has dried up fairly well. Glow seems to like the new straw and prefers it to the beds we have outside for them.
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