Glow In The Bark (Rainbow Bridge)
Lnl So Stephanie (Rainbow Bridge)
Divine Bliss (Rainbow Bridge)
Tommy Romano (Rainbow Bridge)
Monty(Rainbow Bridge)
Divine Bull "Bullet" (Rainbow Bridge)
RBI Cantu (Rainbow Bridge)

Thursday, December 31, 2009

8th Race results

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Race 8

John had four dogs in Race 8 because he was working two kennels. All four dogs came in the top four positions. I wish I had bought the superfecta.
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Top Dogs at Dairyland

We were surprised to see the program had all of the top dogs in the tracks history. There is our Tommy Romano in 2002. Go Tommy!
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Dairyland Last Night Program

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Dairyland closing night

Kathy, Carla, Jacque (right), Carla's Dad (left).
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Dairyland's last race

Kathy visits with some of John's friends at the track.
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Last night of racing at Dairyland

We went up to Dairyland Greyhound Park to visit with Carla, Dallas and John on the last night of racing at the track.
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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Biscuit thief

Tommy doesn't always eat his biscuit right away, so Stephanie is trying to figure a way to steal it from him.
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More snow

We got more snow. Bullet checks things out. You can see their tracks as they come in and out of the house.
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Monday, December 07, 2009


I really like their new puppy. Her coloring looks a lot like Bullet.
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Megan and Brownie

Megan gives Brownie some love.
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Kaitlyn and Megan get a new puppy

Kaitlyn holds her new puppy, Brownie.
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The first snow of winter 2009

Glow sniffs the cold air after our first snow of the winter.
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