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Lnl So Stephanie (Rainbow Bridge)
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Divine Bull "Bullet" (Rainbow Bridge)
RBI Cantu (Rainbow Bridge)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Glow and Bliss Face Off

Glow and Bliss face off to start chasing and playing. Lindy observes for now, but does get into the chase.
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Play Bow

Glow does a play bow to get Bliss and Lindy to play with her.
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Glow takes a nap

Glow makes a nice chin rest out of the bed and takes a nap.
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Bullet and Tommy

Bullet and Tommy take a nap with their heads pressed together. Neither one of them seems to mind.
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Bullet still keeps his lead

Bullet is very quick and can maneuver better than any of the girls. He always manages to dodge and weave to get away.
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Glow makes her move

Glow makes her move to cut Bullet off as he makes the turn around the tree.
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They head for the turn

They head for the turn around the maple tree. Notice how Glow positions herself to cut him off as he runs around the tree.
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Fresh Snow and the race is on

We got some fresh snow this day, so the hounds do their usual racing and chasing in the backyard. Bullet is the the rabbit and he loves to get the girls to chase him.
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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Bullet makes a hairpin turn

Bullet seems to be the fastest runner in the bunch and he can out maneuver all of them. It is fun to watch how fast he can turn and then speed up to get away.
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Lindy gets in close on the turn

Lindy is hot on Bullet's tail as they make their turn around the tree.
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Glow cuts Bullet off and leads Lindy

Glow doesn't chase Bullet around the tree. She waits for him to go around and cuts him off. Lindy stays on his tail.
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Backyard Race Track

As usual Bullet gets the girls to chase him and they race back and forth in the backyard. Lindy keeps up with him very well. Glow is trailing Lindy on the straightaway.
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Lindy's Closeup

This is a nice closeup of Lindy showing her pretty face.
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Lindy gets comfortable

Lindy takes a nap near the fireplace. She really is a sweet dog and is always looking for some attention. She looks very similar to Glow from this side. Except for the brindle saddle patch it would be hard to tell. This side of her face and the brindle patch near her tail looks a lot like Glow. She looks like she could be a littermate to Tommy and Glow.
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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Harmonizing to the CSI theme song

Lindy, Bullet, Tommy and the other hounds all start rooing whenever the theme song for the Las Vegas CSI starts. They jump in with the chorus, "Whooooooooooooooo are you?". It is fun to watch, because they will all be sleeping and when the intro music starts, their ears pickup and then they start the rooing with the chorus.
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Tommy the roacher

Tommy assumes his roach position to get really comfortable.
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Stephanie with her baby

Stephanie drags one of the "babies" out to inspect the snow. The snow was real crusty and they all had a hard time walking on it.
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We got our first snow!

Lindy and the other hounds checkout the first snow fall.
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Bliss on guard duty

Bliss monitors the back yard to check for any insurgent (squirrel) activity.
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Lindy's shorter tail

You can see in this photo how much shorter her tail is. For comparison you can look at the photos in the blog from December 2005. Her happy tail just went out of control and she broke it. It seems to be more manageable now and she is not likely to hurt it anymore.
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Lindy is back!

I picked Lindy up after we were away for a week and she was gettting some treatment for her leg. She really fits in with the other hounds. She does have acouple of bad habits, like counter surfing, that she needs to break, but she is doing very well.
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