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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Lorrie and Tiffany

Lorrie setup the meet and greet. She has Tiffany and Arctic. Tiffany was with her today. Tiffany will be 10 years old in June. Posted by Picasa

The meet and greet

This is Paul with Frisky and Dodge. Frisky (red coat) was a brood dog and has had 33 puppies. She is 12 years old and she came from Ireland. Posted by Picasa

PetSmart Meet and Greet

I took the boys to their first meet and greet today. Tommy was very calm but Bullet panted the whole time. The people really loved them. I hope it helps getting some dogs adopted. Posted by Picasa

A new set of crates

Tommy and Bullet test out the new crate setup. These are the same type crates used at the track and at Vet clinics. We got them from "G and T crates" in Garber, IA. We want the boys to get used to being in them for when we are out of the house. Sometimes they forget they are in the house and have marked on a couple of spots. Posted by Picasa

Glow tests the new bed

After all of the hounds sniffed and inspected the new bed, Glow gives it the comfort test. Posted by Picasa

The Cobblepots take a nap together

Tommy and Glow lounge together in the family room. Tommy's feet are touching her back and she doesn't seem to mind. Posted by Picasa

Stephanie takes a nap by mom's chair

You can see where they shaved her for her broken leg surgery. They took bone from her right shoulder for the leg, so it got shaved. The IV was in her front left leg and they shaved most of the right rear leg that they worked on. Posted by Picasa

The Boys

Stephanie got up and left, so Tommy decided to share the space with Bullet. Posted by Picasa


Stephanie and Bullet share the "condo". It is so big that two dogs can easily fit in it. It is surprising that Stephanie lets Bullet get so close. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Cobblepot bookends

Tommy and Glow look like bookends lying rear to rear. Posted by Picasa

Glow sees something

Glow spots something in the yard and it gets her attention. Posted by Picasa

The mud pen

This is the fenced in area to keep the dogs out. I wish I had put the orange covering on before Bullet hurt his nose. Now we have to develop a plan to improve the drainage and reduce the mud. Posted by Picasa

Bullet's nose

Bullet's nose is looking a little better after the scab fell off. We will have to see if the fur grows back in around it. Posted by Picasa

The Cobblepots

Tommy and Glow are lying in the family room while we watch TV. Glow's tail is lying on top of Tommy's eye and he doesn't even make a move. He really is a sound sleeper. Posted by Picasa

Stephanie sitting

She looked cute sitting there with her shirt on so I couldn't resist snapping this shot. Posted by Picasa

Stephanie snuggles up to the big "baby"

Stephanie has a shirt on to keep her from licking her shoulder. Here she is napping with her big "baby". We found a large leopard toy and bought it to see what her reaction would be. It is almost as big as her and she drags it outside when she goes out to do her business. Posted by Picasa

Stephanie breaks her leg

Stephanie broke her right rear leg again. It happened while she was out in the yard. We didn't see what happened. We can only guess that she put to much weight on it and perhaps twisted it. The vet grafted some bone (again) from her shoulder to repair it and put a metal plate in again. It happened two years and one day from when she originally broke it and just before her 5th birthday. Her luck is running the same as Bullet. He had his 4th birthday in January. Posted by Picasa

More bad luck for Bullet

January has not been a good month for Bullet. First he gets a rock chip in his left front foot, then he breaks a nail off on his right rear foot. Now he ran headlong into a wire fence I installed in the back yard and scratched his nose. It looks like it may give him another scar. I have now wrapped the fence in plastic snow fence to make it more visible. It is the part of the yard where it gets real muddy and I am trying to keep them out of there. Posted by Picasa