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Sunday, November 18, 2007

One last pose before goodbye

Everyone takes one last pose before Kathy leaves to meet John and Carla and to bring another greyhound back to GEM.
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Tommy gives Kathy a kiss

Tommy gives Kathy a kiss before she leaves. Kathy said she really enjoyed sitting with the hounds. Bliss became her favorite. Bliss would also make sure she didn't over sleep. Everyday she made sure the gang got up and outside at my usual 5:00 am turnout. :-)
One day Bliss even decided to pull the covers off after they had their early turnout. She just wanted her up and about.
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Kathy Darfler and the hounds

We went away for a week, so Kathy offered to sit with our hounds. She did a wonderful job and they all got along great. Kathy is a trustee at GreytHounds of Eastern Michigan.
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Bliss and Glow play tug

Bliss and Glow play tug. Usually Glow wins, but Bliss is very determined. There is a lot of growling and pulling until one lets go of the tug toy.
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Tommy and Lindy

Tommy and Lindy get better acquainted in the back yard.
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Lindy settles into the routine

Lindy naps while Bullet and Bliss check for squirrels in the back yard. Glow just waits until the "Killer Bs" sound the alarm and then she is ready to chase squirrels.
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Lindy takes a nap

I don't know how this is comfortable, but I guess Lindy thinks it is. Her leg is wrapped due to a sore where her plate is from her broken hock from racing. We also noticed she lost a piece of her tail. She has a happy tail and she had injured it, so they removed the end of it. I have picure on the blog from December 2005 of her with her beautiful curled tail. I also put them on Greyhound Data.
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Tommy re-arrranges his bed

Tommy is always re-arranging his bed. This time he gets one up on edge and makes a big pillow out of it.
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Lindy and Glow lay by the TV

After all of the introductions, Lindy settles down with our hounds and does the usual naps and the occasional ear scratches.
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Lindy's first walk with our hounds

I take Lindy out with a few of our hounds to see how she does on leash. She did very well and she is a very sweet girl. She is bigger than all of our hounds at 83 lbs. She looks like she could be a sister to Tommy and Glow. In the picture she is the one with the light blue collar and leash. She has the same Grand sire as Tommy and Glow, "HB Commander".
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Bullet meets Lindy

After introductions on leash, Bullet and Lindy roam around in the back yard together.
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Lindy meets Glow

We brought all of the hounds out to meet Lindy, one-at-a-time. Glow and Lindy do the usual sniffing.
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Meet Lindy

I made a run to Quad City Greyhound Adoption to bring Lindy, "Moon Mt Landmine", back for re-homing. Her family decided to turn her back to the adoption kennel. We plan to foster her until she gets a permanent home.
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Tommy naps in his usual place

Tommy takes a nap in front of the TV on a double decker bed and it looks like baby somehow got burried under him.
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Bullet gets the toy now

Bullet finally gets the toy and runs around shaking it. Sometimes he tosses it in the air and catches it again. It is so funny watching him perform with it.
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Back in the mulch again

Glow takes the toy to the mulch pile and starts digging again.
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The chase is on

Glow grabs the toy and Bliss takes off after her.
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Bliss joins Glow in the mulch pile

Bliss comes over to the mulch pile to get Glow to come and play chase. They chase each other, but most often Bullet will get them both to chase him and he takes off dodging and weaving all over the yard.
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Glow digs in the mulch pile

Glow loves to dig and lay in the mulch pile. She really helps me out by turning it over for me. She starts digging in one spot and then turns around and digs in another.
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Bedtime for the hounds

At 9:30pm all of the hounds go to bed. Stephanie usually drags her baby along. It really is a hoot watching them all go to the bedrooms for bed. Four sleep in the master bedroom and Bliss sleeps in the guest room. We turn them out for potty and then when we let them in and tell them to go to bed, they all race to the bedrooms. Bliss peals off to the right in the hallway and the other four peal of to the left. They all immediately lay down in their beds and wait for us to come and put up the gates. There is no fussing and it runs like a military operation. The only problem is when Bullet gets the corner bed first. Tommy prefers it and stands there looking at him. If we ask Bullet to get up , he grabs another bed and Tommy hops right in to his favorite place. It just reminds him to be quicker next time so he gets there first.
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Bullet curls up in one of the crates

Bullet never liked crates when he was in the kennel, but now he enjoys climbing in and curling up to take a nap. We leave the doors off and they all just use them as a nice place to nest and nap. Sometimes Bullet likes to rub his neck along the wire mesh to scratch himself. It is all nice and smooth, so he doesn't hurt himself.

Tommy's after dinner nap

Tommy takes a nap after dinner. As usual they all sleep with their head hanging over the edge of the bed. I guess the cool stone feels better than the soft carpet.

Tommy chomps away on his chicken

Tommy prefers the comfort of a bed on the patio to eat his chicken. He also really hates bugs and flies. He heads for the door when any come around him.
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Dining in the mulch pile

Glow loves the mulch pile so much she decides to take her chicken there and enjoy a quiet dinner with a few leaves mixed in.
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Bliss finds her own stack of beds

Bliss finds a nice pile of freshly washed beds to make her nest.
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Bed washing day

When we wash the beds, we pile the cushions up and wash the covers. Tommy loves finding a nice big cushy stack to bury himself in.
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