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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Stephanie cockroaches

I think I have shots of all the pups doing this, except Stephanie until now. There must be something about the "condo" that brings it out in them. Glow won't go in in there at all though. The others go in there for naps all the time. The door only gets shut when we put Tommy in there when we are away. He tends to chew on things sometimes when not supervised. Posted by Picasa

Real comfort

Glow looks to comfortable to bother her to move. But...the job needs to get done. With four dogs, there is always something to do. Posted by Picasa

Glow "helps" make up the beds

I washed all the bed covers and Glow decided to make a nice big nest out of the bed pile while I tried to pick them up and put the covers on. Posted by Picasa

Fun in the snow

We got several inches of snow overnight and the pups loved running in it. Stephanie, Glow and Bullet enjoy a game of chase. They like the soft fluffy snow, but they really hate it when it starts to melt and freeze leaving a crust on the surface. Posted by Picasa

Queue for the dash

The pups queue up to make a dash outside after an insurgent (squirrel). Stephanie insists on carrying her new larger baby. She can barely hold it in her mouth. Posted by Picasa


Bullet had a rough start on the new year. First he got a rock chip in his front left foot, then he broke a nail off of his right rear foot. He is doing better, but he sure was limping on it for a while. Posted by Picasa

Time for bed!

At about 9:30 pm that's what the pups hear. They all race outside to take care of business and then dash to our bedroom to get tucked in. This is Bullet and Glow. They are all so cute when you tuck them in. They swallow like they usually do when something really pleases them. They will lay quietly until we go to bed. In the middle of the night though somebody decides to groom themselves or re-arrange the bed by pawing it until they get it fluffed up just right. Posted by Picasa