Glow In The Bark (Rainbow Bridge)
Lnl So Stephanie (Rainbow Bridge)
Divine Bliss (Rainbow Bridge)
Tommy Romano (Rainbow Bridge)
Monty(Rainbow Bridge)
Divine Bull "Bullet" (Rainbow Bridge)
RBI Cantu (Rainbow Bridge)

Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Portrait

We decided to get a portrait done of the whole gang. I wondered when we got to the studio, "how is the photographer going to get them to pose?" Little did I know that we were the ones to handle that. Kathy handled Bliss and Stephanie and I got Bullet, Glow and Tommy. We rounded them up and without collars that wasn't easy. We got them all in line and then on the photographers mark, we stepped back. In this shot, he smacked some toy on a stick to the ground and lifted it in the air. As you can see Glow and Bullet are ready to jump on it. Tommy is wondering what the heck that was. Bliss and Stephanie look like they are REAL interested in what it is. After about a dozen takes we were done and Kathy and I were worn out. Each picture the dogs would run forward and we would round them up. On a few shots, Tommy would turn and look at me wondering what I was doing when I stepped back.