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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bedtime for the hounds

At 9:30pm all of the hounds go to bed. Stephanie usually drags her baby along. It really is a hoot watching them all go to the bedrooms for bed. Four sleep in the master bedroom and Bliss sleeps in the guest room. We turn them out for potty and then when we let them in and tell them to go to bed, they all race to the bedrooms. Bliss peals off to the right in the hallway and the other four peal of to the left. They all immediately lay down in their beds and wait for us to come and put up the gates. There is no fussing and it runs like a military operation. The only problem is when Bullet gets the corner bed first. Tommy prefers it and stands there looking at him. If we ask Bullet to get up , he grabs another bed and Tommy hops right in to his favorite place. It just reminds him to be quicker next time so he gets there first.
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